How To Maintenance Android Phone

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How To Maintenance Android Phone

Hi dear visitor, Welcome to our new post. In this post you will learn how to fast work your old android Smartphone.

Your android smart phone is working very slowly? Are you wanted to work very fast in your phone like new phone? So read this post carefully.



If you use computer so you can see if you keep lots of files in desktop so this time you can feel your computer is working very slow. Your smart phone like about this computer. Many widgets in your android phone’s home screen, many icons will make slow your android smart phone. These are not only doing slow your android phone but also cost battery life.

Tips: Remove all are unnecessary widget and icon from android home screen


Android smart phone user many time use many apps. Many apps work and feature’s is same. And you can see some of apps did not working. Find apps in your android phone, which apps is very older or you did not use these apps. Some of the apps running on your phone’s background and destroy your phone battery life and memory card life.

Tips: Regularly Review All Apps In Your Phone. Uninstall all of apps which is not necessary


This is an proverb if you regular restart your android smart phone so it is help to protect many problems. The “Restart” system helps you to stop all apps which apps are running in background. And it’s make your phone more than faster. The “Reboot” like night sleeping, this do not help you to increase your power. Its help you refresh your mind. Like the reboot is same of night sleeping.

Tips: Reboot your phone more time in a day to work very fast


Generally we can use many service in our android phone. Like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Internet connection etc. After using these apps much time we forget to stop these services. These services are destroying our mobile phone working power and empty charge from the battery. So always try to avoid this problem.


If you use your smart phone from long time so you can see your phone battery is not working from new. You can feel boring many times. If you want to increase your smart phone battery working power so you have need to follow some rules. Keep low brightness on your phone screen and keep low timeout etc. If you think when your phone no needs to make call and browse the internet, so keep your phone in “Airplane” mode. Always “Off” the location service. Google play has some apps which apps help you to increase your mobile phone battery backup time.

Tips: Do not “On” the data connection and GPS when no need


When you, use your phone long time for internet. This time you generally see your mobile internet browser is working very slow. The case memory makes your mobile more than slow.

Tips: Clean the Cookies and Case memory regularly


Live wallpaper looking awesome, But it have some problem. The live wallpaper makes your phone very slow.

Tips: Keep your phone’s efficacies so do not use Live Wallpaper Long time


Regular clean unnecessary files from memory card and “temp” files from your smart phone. And also clean the phone’s buttons and outer cover regularly.

If you follow these tips regularly so your phone stays like new phone after using long time.

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